Old Letter To The World

March 2022

I admit this project is a collateral product. It arose in a time of my personal distress. No empathy, please. I could also write a long story with actors like Alzheimer’s, Polio, Heart Attack…

I’m still on the edge and flirting with the social abyss.

I know very well what false hope is…

After this introduction, you are probably wondering what I am trying to sell you. Where is the marketing trick? It does not exist. Life is ups and downs, there are curves, ripples that we don’t hear but feel.

About a quarter of a century ago, I made my first binaural sound. I was looking for support to achieve better mental/physical health for my clients… these were pioneering times, curiosity, finding sources of knowledge, experimenting… I had a period of “Colors for the Soul” for a few years, of course developing and researching everything else.

A quarter of a century has passed. Crazy times have become even crazier, flatness is the standard, a bluff is a virtue. The world has become rich with gurus, couches, and influencers, but on the other hand very poor on heartiness… I’m not bitter, not at all! However, we have recently gained many new tools, some theories have become confirmed by the truth…

And in distress, my helplessness to help the people I love, I gathered all my hidden energy from my distant past I tried to hear harmony in the chaos of noise. I went back so I could move on.

The covid-19 pandemic cut and stopped the project I was finishing. I crashed into a concrete wall. Numb from the blow, I recovered fairly quickly, poor motivation was replaced by good organization – prevention for myself and family, recall of old knowledge and behavior… I translated experience and knowledge of bio-resonance into sound, into waves… and protection worked… if I can break the glass with my voice, I will also break the miserable protein. Prevention worked on everyone who used this audio file.

After a quarter of a century, everything is so simple.

Our immersive audio and tactile Therapy is like a digital vaccine – which we can understand as is a metaphor, it is a fusion of the best there is. And I conclude with that, without claims and without persuasion. The user experience and positive effects surpass all marketing tricks. We will definitely talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

p.s.: Post-traumatic Covid-19 therapy popular named Protocol|22 >>>


Sincerely yours Zlatko