Vibration & Healing

the basic building blocks - boosters

They are HD sound files, which are the basic building blocks of the therapy itself.

We present some of them with a description on this sheet, and we add a set of some of them, which you choose in discussion with the studio manager for the goals you want to achieve with vibroacoustic therapy.

Description of some facilitators

Detoxification is the process of removing harmful substances from the body. This can be done through a variety of therapies and approaches.
Some centres detoxify the liver and the whole body with specific therapies designed to remove toxins from the body, especially those caused by poor diet, stress and medication.
Vibroacoustic therapy is a method that uses low-frequency sound vibrations to achieve various physiological benefits in the human body.
Physical or somatic effect: Low-frequency vibrations are known to cause an internal massage that cleanses the body. During the therapy, temporary physiological changes occur in the target tissue, resulting in an increased blood supply. This results in the absorption of waste cells and other toxins, which are then metabolised and eliminated.
Due to the added vibrations, the process goes deep and reaches the level of a cellular response.
+After the treatment is completed, we strongly recommend a visit to a sauna or other hydro/thermal therapy.
The therapy lasts 90 minutes | The price of the therapy is 45,00€

In conjunction with wellness, vibroacoustic therapy offers a unique experience that combines physical and emotional well-being. However, for best results, it is recommended to use vibroacoustic therapy in combination with other wellness therapies.
Relaxation and Calming: Vibrations and sounds can help to relax tense muscles and calm the mind, allowing for deep relaxation of body and mind.
Increasing the body’s micro-vibration: Vibroacoustic therapy can increase the body’s micro-vibration, which explains its high effectiveness.
Treatment and prevention of diseases: The devices used with SONOGENESIS can be used to treat and prevent a wide range of diseases.
+Complementing therapy: Vibroacoustic therapy can be used alone or as a complement to other therapies such as massages, saunas and thermal baths.
The therapy lasts 90 minutes | The price of the therapy is 45,00€

Lack of energy can manifest as physical and emotional fatigue. Therapies that promote relaxation and calm can potentially help to restore energy. Therefore, it can be argued from experience that vibroacoustic therapy – which uses sound to relax and calm – undoubtedly has positive effects on vital energy.
The therapy lasts 90 minutes | The price of the therapy is 45,00€

Sounds such as nature sounds or white noise are known to help relax and calm the mind. Using nature sounds or white noise can help to mask distracting background noises, which can improve concentration and other brain functions.
Lack of concentration is influenced by various physiological factors such as physical well-being, health problems and physical fitness. Vibroacoustic therapy can act as a means to address some of these factors and to help achieve better concentration.
The therapy lasts 90 minutes | The price of the therapy is 45,00€

It is common to find that vibroacoustic therapy is an innovative method that promises many benefits for those seeking deep relaxation and improved sleep quality.
Vibroacoustic therapy is a method that uses sound and vibration for therapeutic purposes. It is characterised for its ability to offer deep relaxation and improved comfort, which is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking ways to improve sleep quality and calm the mind.
Similar to vibroacoustic therapy, sound therapy with Tibetan bowls and gongs offers deep relaxation of the mind and body. These therapies can help to improve overall well-being and enable individuals to achieve a state of deep relaxation.
Although massage may not seem directly related to vibroacoustic therapy, its ability to provide relaxation and reduce tension is similar to the benefits offered by vibroacoustic therapy.
The therapy lasts 90 minutes | The price of the therapy is 45,00€

List of some...

Stimulant – Deep cleansing, circulation balancing, anti-stress
Stimulant – Nerves – creating emergency relief
Stimulator – Haemorrhoids, standard, nodes
Stimulator – Alzheimer, control frequencies
Stimulator – Restore and recover
Stimulator – Kundalini
Stimulator – Liver, cleansing, regeneration
Stimulator – Memory, strengthening + deep relaxation
Stimulator – Calming sleep without snoring
Stimulant – Sleep regulation in stressful situations
Stimulator – Obstructive Apnoea Syndrome, Sleep Hygiene
Stimulator – M&M, rehabilitation after sprain, fracture, limb injury
Stimulator – Balance Centre
Stimulator – Muscle tone
Stimulator – Muscle Relaxation
Stimulator – Elimination of muscle stiffness
Stimulator – Arm muscle pain
Stimulator – Leg muscle pain
Stimulant – CBD with silent countdown+ transer
Stimulant – Hernia repair, hernia surgery and post-hernia surgery
Stimulator – Visual spectrum connection, third eye opening
Stimulator – Vitamag – life energy boost
Stimulator – Schumann Resonance – grounding and alignment with the frequency of the earth
Stimulator – Stimulating all chakras
Stimulator – Wellness in the true sense of the word
RE:Stimulator – Stem cell growth, DNA enhancement, healing and reversal of ageing
RE:Stimulant – Hot chocolate stimulates serotonin, endorphin, feel good, security, well-being and balance

The list above is updated weekly…