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VibroAcoustic Studio is led by Mihaela Miša Šišernik

Miša Šišernik has decided to leave the classroom as a class teacher and start a new career in teaching. She has learnt about many alternative approaches. The biggest learning for her is working in nature, with animals and plants. Here she feels simply at home. She has always been interested in new skills and techniques such as Yoga, Integral Meditation, AEQ Clinical Somatics, breathing techniques, EFT, reflex self-massage, etc.

She emphasizes that licenses or titles are not important in life. For her, the most important thing is the relationship with everything that surrounds you and the connection with nature. As a child of nature, she has always found her inspiration in the forest and in conversations with the trees.Today, goats graze happily in the forest on her awakened farm. She says that these animals have a special therapeutic power if you know how to give them attention and love.

She advocates the growing strength she finds in being grounded and in a sincere relationship with nature. She is making progress in self-sufficiency on her land and wants to be part of such a community. She wishes to share the experience and knowledge she is gaining with VAT and to help, with a gentle approach, all those who choose this type of therapy….


The SONOGENESIS team introduces itself at this link.

White papers

We are aware that we need to be the first in Slovenia to present the therapy we provide in a much better way. To make it easier to find information, we publish it in our white paper.
You can download the individual sheets to your personal computer and satisfy your curiosity.