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Welcome to the magical world of Vibroacoustic Studio. Join us in our unique Studio designed to feel comfortable and relaxing – the perfect place to escape. Our team of friendly experts are looking forward to taking care of you.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a relatively new field of study that combines the principles of music therapy and vibration therapy to improve health and well-being.

Many researchers and developers have contributed to the development and understanding of vibroacoustic therapy.

Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) is a therapeutic method that uses sound and vibration to promote physical and mental health.

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SOUND is vibration that travels through air, water and solids, and consequently through the human body. As a therapeutic tool and as a method to unlock human potential, sound can profoundly and unprecedentedly change neurochemistry and neurobiology. It is produced by every substance and is a fundamental part of the survival of every species, because our brains are wired to respond immediately to sound. You will be amazed at the power of sound to move energy in the body and mind, resulting in immediate physical and psychological progress.

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“The essence and magic of SONOGENESIS sound lies in its unique vibrations, intrinsically linked to nature. The frequencies resonate at a cellular level, producing intense physical reactions.
We are excited to explore how we can expand our perception through the use of tactile technology to create unique textures that aim to increase human well-being. Our Vibroacoustic Therapy is a part of this exploration.
It’s not a miracle; it’s physics, biology, and psychology at work.”

Zlatko Križan


Vibroacoustic Studio
BIOTERME Thermal Park
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