How sound restores the body

I promised a continuation of the story “How (why) to fall in love with a problem”. But I am only a co-star in it. As a human being, I am subjective, so sometimes I can be a damaged good! So let’s see what is hidden in this WHY story.

The computer screen image shows how the interior of the audio file looks with binaural sound.  Photo by Zlatko Križan
The computer screen image shows how the interior of the audio file looks with binaural sound.

Photo by Zlatko Križan

Zlatko Križan buttons me up a Woojer — a special tactile vest that provides a tactile experience. He puts the cutting-edge headphones on my head and connects them wirelessly to his mobile phone, where he has the soothing sounds ready. The blubber of sound in my ears creates a relaxing experience of a hot tub. I feel like there are thousands of water bubbles jumping on my skin. But in reality, I’m sitting on a chair in a house in a snowy Ribnica na Pohorju … I am with Zlatko Križan and his wife Majda. She wore a tactile vest, which, in connection with therapeutic sounds, has so renewed the nerves on her leg that she can now walk alone, without the help of crutches.

As a result of the injury at the age of five, she had problems with the nerves of her right leg all her life and needed walking aids until the age of ten. Six years ago, when she had surgery of a slipped disc on her spine, the doctors told her that they could no longer help her, but she and her husband did not give up…

Their own auditory-tactile therapy was “born”. Zlatko Križan used the tactile vest, which was invented by the gaming industry in order to experience the sensations of touch in virtual reality, as a “medical device”. He explained to us how this peculiar beneficial combination of sound, professionally called binaural or two-ear sound, and the tactile vest in his Neurogenesis protocol, which he founded for his wife and people with nervous system disorders, works. It lasts twenty-one days, and its purpose is to stimulate neurogenesis — new neurons are formed in the brain.

Why and how did you combine the tactile vest and the sound?

Out of my desperation and my wife’s stubbornness. At some point, I exhausted all my knowledge and tools how to help my wife when the doctors said they were done with the therapies. I was reading the expert literature all the time, and when I found this device with such a deep sound, I found a part of the tool we needed. I had already known tactile devices from the field of the deaf, who in such a way begin the exercise “hear”. When I saw that the vest operated in the frequency range from zero to two hundred and fifty hertz, I was convinced that this was a device with which we had the opportunity to fill the gap in the composition of sound in the brain and expand the sensation of frequencies outside the auditory spectrum …

… and thus also affect the damaged nerves in the body, which the wife did not perceive?

Yes. The vibrations emitted by Woojer, from zero to two hundred and fifty hertz, are exactly that frequency range where hearing fails. We’re talking about subsonic sound. At these frequencies, the brain also ripples. We have already heard a lot about alpha, beta, gamma, delta waves.

Who do you recommend using Woojer and when?

We have developed quite a few general auditory-tactile teasers or boosters. Although we call them teasers, they are pleasant to listen to. Some can be used on their own, while others can be used in sets as part of a comprehensive therapy. Our central therapy, called Neurogenesis, forms a systemic protocol that lasts three weeks. After a week of rest, follows another round, up to three months. Then you have to wait for a year until the body heals itself. These are such disorders of the nervous system that you need to give the body time to process the frequencies.

How long does the frequency work in the body?

Several months. In this way, the body receives a pattern of how it needs to regenerate. We live in an environment with all possible external influences, from smog to cell phones and stress, so the cycle needs to be repeated several times. That is crucial. The general belief is that, for example, in hypnosis, we can replace a habit with a substitute. But in this way, we didn’t do anything. In reality, we need to “eradicate” the pattern, not replace it with something else. With certain suggestions, we can replace the previous suggestion. To completely erase a certain emotion, let’s say because of rape, it takes dozens of therapies, it does not happen overnight. All this has accumulated in us for decades, so there is no therapy that could fix it overnight.

Who can the Neurogenesis program help the most?

It has been created for rehabilitation after damage to the nervous system. And here begins the list of many people to which it is intended. From athletes to accident victims; everyone with serious neurological disorders. Since the body is not a machine, it is important to be aware of the processes in which we interfere with information. Our approach is non-invasive and innovative, as therapy not only includes information about treatment, but it also includes control frequencies of degeneration or disorder and recovery frequencies that enhance treatment. So, it’s not just one frequency or ten frequencies, but quite a few hundred …

Is there any such auditory-tactile therapy?

There is an “auditory-tactile therapy” that combines the use of sound and touch to help people with conditions such as hearing loss, to improve their sensory perception, and general quality of life.

For example, people with cochlear implants (devices that allow the deaf to feel the sound) may benefit from auditory-tactile therapy to better understand and perceive the sound signals they receive. This type of therapy also benefits people with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, as it can help them process and combine sensory information.

Auditory-tactile therapy typically uses specialized equipment, such as vibrating devices, that are applied to the skin or clothing to provide a tactile sensation as a response to sound. Therapy is usually performed by a trained specialist, audiologist, or speech therapist.

How does the Woojer tactile vest work?

It allows a haptic (tactile) experience. Haptic technology can create a touch experience by applying forces, vibrations, or movements to the user. This technology can be used to create virtual objects in a computer simulation, to improve remote control of machines, and, as you can see and feel, also for therapy.

We all know this haptic feeling when we turn on the “vibrations” in our mobile phone, activated by small oscillators built into the mobile phone. You can’t hear it, but you can feel it! On this basis, patented actuators with an oscillating frame operate in Woojer, which are, in simple terms, advanced harmonic instruments. There are six of them integrated into the vest. Imagine listening to Bach’s fugue when you not only hear the organ, but also feel it as if you were sitting in each individual flute pipe.

You were the first to use the vest for “medical purposes”?

Yes. The vest, as I have already mentioned, is used in the entertainment industry to create virtual reality in video games, and according to the available data, we seriously use this existing technology as a “medical device”.

Let’s go back to our childhood when our mothers sang us lullabies and stroked us good night. This is the experience. Let me give you an example from the life of a cat named “Ocvirek (Cracknel) von Placebo”. This is our domestic therapy cat who likes to purr. When he’s lying next to you, it’s an auditory experience, and if you put him on your chest, you can feel his purring even with a touch, which is a tactile experience. While feline purring is widely used in the world for pain relief, it is also a good antidepressant and stress reliever. We often use it as a soundtrack, in which we install other noises. Cats can spread, also for themselves, rhythmic brown noise (low frequencies, for example, the sound of a storm or a waterfall).

Where does your knowledge of binaural sound come from?

Twenty-five years ago, I was doing experiments with binaural sound, which I tried to make pleasant to listen to by mixing it with ear-friendly sounds. To this, I added the sense of eyesight, and the multimedia project “Colors for the Soul” was created — seeing sounds and listening to colors. For that time, it was quite an advanced step forward and an excellent response. Then time consumed me, and the sound in connection with the human mood slipped out of my life. Well, not completely; in clinical hypnosis, which I studied in Edinburgh, Scotland, I helped myself a lot with sound, and rhythm. But it wasn’t until I used bioresonance in practice that I slowly came back to the essence of oscillation. Oscillation is a very dear topic to me, I am a radiesthetist by soul and by body; I am a single oscillation, whether I have in my hand a dowsing rod, a pendulum, an ordinary key on a string, a tensor, or a Lecher instrument. Not knowing radiesthesia is a big drawback for all therapists, both for their work and for getting to know themselves.

What do you use for reproduction?

Along with Woojer, we also use cutting-edge headphones. All recorded materials are made without filters and when mixing, we use the knowledge of ambisonics (full-sphere surround sound) and breaking the sound into pieces. You can’t just put together a few frequencies with the help of Google. One of the main guidelines was to do therapy literally on autopilot, so as not to require additional mental effort or some incomprehensible spirituality. In my therapeutic practice, I saw how much effort many people put into adopting techniques and they eventually gave up. Learning can be very hard, but in today’s fast-paced times, there is also a lack of motivation. Another challenge was that sounds, and noise can be very strenuous to listen to, and this new accessory allowed us to use the sound in an area that is much easier to convey and the sound is pleasant. I must admit that without basic knowledge of psychology and neurology, the program would not have been created, as well as without knowledge of bioresonance, hypnosis … all that I have researched, studied, and used throughout my life.

How do senses participate in this program?

Senses are the entrances into the soul. But before I talk about the senses, let’s talk about body and process. This is a story about integrative medicine and public health in a crisis. The term medicine has been monopolized; medicine is the integrative science of physics, biology, chemistry, and psychology. Medicine now treats people and their health only as a body, an organ, a cell … and asks how it works. But the body is not a machine, it is a set of many processes, and the real question is why these processes work.

Why do they work?

Processes are not illusions, but it is true that our senses create illusions. I often mention the binaural (two-ear) sound because it is the pure illusion of the game between what we hear in our left ear and what we hear in our right ear. The brain then puts together a complete picture of the space and sound information. Simply put, if we hear 35 hertz in the left ear and 31 hertz in the right ear, the brain creates the illusion of the sound of four hertz, which is a natural pain killer (it allows the brain to produce enkephalins, a natural painkiller). The limit that humanoids have is our auditory spectrum, which also varies from youth to old age.

Is there any evidence that binaural sounds heal?

Some people claim that binaural sounds can have therapeutic benefits, such as reducing stress, improving sleep, and promoting relaxation. However, the scientific evidence for these claims is limited and mixed.

Although some studies have been conducted on the potential benefits of binaural sounds, the results have been inconclusive, and more research is needed to determine their effectiveness. Some studies have shown that binaural sounds can reduce anxiety and improve mood, while others have not found significant effects.

It is important to know that binaural sounds should not be used as a substitute for proven treatment or as a cure for any medical condition. If you have health problems, it is always best to consult a doctor or other healthcare professional before trying any form of alternative therapy.

Are you developing anything else?

On these days, we have already completed a new system protocol called Myogenesis, which will be dedicated to the regeneration and strengthening of muscles.

Where can we get more information?

By e-mail and on our website

Auditory-tactile therapy with tactile vest and binaural sound  Photo by Nataša Müller
Auditory-tactile therapy with tactile vest and binaural sound

Photo by Nataša Müller


“Crucified” at five, got rid of at 62

In her childhood, Majda Cerjak Križan survived a severe viral infection — polio after vaccination with an inadequate vaccine. That was in 1960, when she was five years old. Thousands of children were given the wrong vaccine, four hundred survived, and she was among them. The disease stopped her development, along with other spine disorders and walking impediments.

Nine months after vaccination, she was completely immobile, and then the condition slowly improved. As a child, she had splints, walking braces… Since then, she has had to do physical exercises every day, and practice walking … And with a hidden virus, she was a kind of “ticking time bomb.”


In 2017, she had a slipped disc on her spine, she had surgery, and since then her health has deteriorated. She couldn’t feel some nerves at all, the entire left half of her body was weakened.

“After the surgery, I was helpless. The doctors told me that within two years my condition would get back, and they ended the therapy because progress was no longer possible. Then I took matters into my own hands. I started reading books, studying, books by dr. Joe Dispenza, MD Bruce Lipton, MD Alex Loyd and Thomas Hanna, and Aleš Ernst, and then I worked by their methods. I also used bioresonance and reiki, an infrared light, and in the meantime I exercised. I changed crutches for walking sticks, but at some point, I thought I wasn’t making progress anymore. I was tired of meditating and exercising and everything. I needed something new, something different… And then it happened. A few days later, my husband Zlatko tells me that he has found Woojer: “This is what you may need!” He founded the Neurogenesis system program, which helped me advance and bring back the will to live,” says Majda Cerjak Križan.


“I found this program great because I didn’t have to do anything. It’s nice to exercise when you can exercise; but when you can’t lift a leg, or bend a leg, when you can’t do anything, doing exercises is hard, and it is a torture to do it every day. The exercises helped me, but I’ve had enough of all this. With the Neurogenesis program, I sit comfortably on a chair, put my headphones on, and enjoy myself. It’s like being on autopilot. But I must correct Zlatko — it’s not just that, it’s more than that!”

And how much progress has she made?

“Now I can walk independently without a stick around the house and outside the house. If I go into town, I still use it for confidence. It was very interesting the first day, the second day, the third day, when I went through this therapy for the first time, what was going on in my head. What may be happening to some people during meditation, in autogenic training, has happened to me. It opened some channels for me, I was getting pictures from my childhood.”

Sound and frequency therapy is like a trigger that brings up memories and traumas from the subconscious so that a person can become aware of them. With the program, the soul also receives information about what to do with its body, so that it will rest and that the body will work as it should.


“The program is systemic. You set everything up for the first three minutes, and then Woojer starts setting you up. In the third minute you are already in theta wave, and then it starts happening … The booster Solfeggio opens the chakras in your body, the booster Vitamag takes you to a few thousand Bovis units higher than at the beginning of therapy, Schumann’s frequency grounds you, Wellness completely relaxes you…”adds Zlatko Križan, who is grateful to radiesthesia for this systematics.

“I would never have known the scientific methodology if I had not been involved in radiesthesia. I studied radiesthesia with electrical engineer Boris Farkaš. The methodology was important to him. Once you have adopted this methodology, you can integrate it into your other works,” says Zlatko Križan, who can also write a screenplay for the film, as he studied directing.

He suggests that he had constant feedback from his wife, Majda, when creating the program. Majda says: “Maybe someone will think that I trusted him blindly. But I trust him, because I know how much he studies, how many hours and years he has acquired all this knowledge in all areas, not just about frequencies. And how many scientific articles he’s read. If I had doubted this program with only 1% of my brain, I would not have cooperated with him.”

Zlatko Križan uses Lecher’s instrument to check the sound frequencies for auditory-tactile therapy. This very precise instrument was also used by Albert Einstein.

Photo by Nataša Müller


Finally, Zlatko Križan explains that sound therapy is a concept that has existed for millennia and is based on the idea that sound can have a therapeutic effect on the mind and body — because everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency, using sound can influence these vibrations and promote physical and psychological healing.

There are various forms of sound therapy, including music therapy, singing, and the use of instruments such as drums, singing bowls, gongs, and musical forks. These forms of sound therapy are intended to help relieve stress, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, and promote overall relaxation and well-being.

Scientific evidence supporting claims of sound therapy is still limited, but several studies suggest that certain forms of sound therapy, such as music therapy, may have certain therapeutic benefits. For example, it is proven that music therapy has a positive effect on mood in some people, reduces anxiety and depression, and improves sleep.

Majda Križan: “When you can’t even lift your leg, exercise is very hard. With the Neurogenesis program, I sit comfortably on a chair, put my headphones on and enjoy myself.”   Photo by Nataša Müller
Majda Križan: “When you can’t even lift your leg, exercise is very hard. With the Neurogenesis program, I sit comfortably on a chair, put my headphones on and enjoy myself.”

Photo by Nataša Müller

This story was originally published in Slovenian in the magazine MISTERIJI
Author of the text: Tatjana Svete
Photography by Nataša Müller and Zlatko Križan
Translation by Jerneja Jurca — Dvojka d.o.o.

The story continues and develops…